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Bachelor Star Juan Pablo Galavis Flubs Facebook Apology To Gays

It may be he simply isnt a lover of small tykes,with the exception of his daughter. Its hard to get a real take on a person when they talk from both sides of their mouth. With the fight for same-sex couples to marry remaining a hot topic in the U.S., there may be more than a few fans of The Bachelor who want to see a same-sex season on the roster. Galavis doesnt think it should happen. Juan Pablo Galavis, the wife-seeking Bachelor star, flubs his Facebook apology to gays. Unlike his slurs, this bears repeating. In an interview with The Star, he said, It check it out would be too awkward to shoot scenes with a same-sex couple hanging out on the bed with their kids. He doubts that a same-sex couple will ever happen on the show.
More http://guardianlv.com/2014/01/bachelor-star-juan-pablo-galavis-flubs-facebook-apology-to-gays/

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