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Bill Oddie: 'celebrities Are Making Mental Illness Fashionable'

BILL ODDIE spoke out about the severe depression that he suffered after being dropped as a presenter of Springwatch by the BBC. Despite having had my own experience with the condition, I fear that it has become something of a 'fashionable condition to have in this day and age. It is a serious condition, but, suddenly, people are making careers out of it. Stephen Fry brought a lot of attention to it, and Ruby Wax, but I dont think that the life of a celebrity can be compared to, or relatable to, a normal, everyday life, so I dont know how much good it really does. Fry, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, has often spoken about mental illness and has presented television programmes on the subject. Wax published a book, Sane New World, earlier this year. Related Articles Emma Thompson pleads with developer to stop 'eco-savagery' 10 Nov 2013 Im not knocking it, adds Oddie. I am just saying that I dont think celebrities are necessarily the people to bring true understanding of the condition. Wax tells me: My book is not about depression, but how the brain works in everyone.
Full story: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/10438044/Bill-Oddie-Celebrities-are-making-mental-illness-fashionable.html

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